2023 RGSAM

The 33rd Annual RGSAM will be held on October 23rd, 2023 

The Clyde Hotel, 330 Tijeras Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 


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The Rio Grande Symposium on Advanced Materials (RGSAM) is a general technical meeting of materials researchers in the Rio Grande geographic region. It is an outgrowth of the Joint Technical Meetings of the New Mexico Section of the American Ceramic Society and the New Mexico Section of the Materials Research Society initiated in 1989. These meetings, sub-titled “Ceramics and Advanced Materials: Symposia and Poster Session,” proved to be quite popular among materials researchers in the Rio Grande geographic region. Attendance typically ranged between 75 and 150 people presenting 30 to 50 presentations, which were frequently used as a local warm-up for national meetings. An important aspect of this symposium is that it has been, and continues to be a venue for presentations by students from regional universities. In 1997, the Albuquerque Chapter of ASM International joined with the NM Section of the American Ceramics Society to host the meeting which began its new name, “The Rio Grande Regional Symposium on Advanced Materials.” Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of materials research presented at RGSAM, other societies soon joined to host the symposium. The New Mexico Chapter of the American Vacuum Society organized the RGSAM in 2013, followed by the Central New Mexico Local Section of the American Chemical Society in 2015. In 2018, the Albuquerque Chapter of ASM organized. This meeting hopes to reach out to a broad base of support among local materials societies and will be a focal point for the exchange of technical information in the Rio Grande geographic region well into the 21st century.

Kreidl Lecture

Norbert J. Kreidl

At the core of this meeting is the Kreidl Memorial Lecture, honoring the career achievements of Norbert Kreidl, a remarkable and indefatigable glass scientist who spent his final years as a consultant based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Kreidl Lecture has featured several prominent ceramists and glass scientists.

Kreidl Lecturer

Dr. Ramana G. Reddy

ACIPCO Endowed Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Kreidl Lecture Abstract

Innovative Approaches in Decarbonizing Metals Production

Decarbonization in the energy-intensive industries is essential to meet the new emission targets of net-zero emissions by 2050. The power sector (39%) and transportation sector (34%) generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. Solutions that reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint within the industry, new technologies are needed to help reinvigorate existing industries while supporting the growth and development of clean energy technologies in the United States. In this regard, new directions in development of an innovative metal production concepts that associate with increase in net energy productivity and lower carbon footprint such as in-situ production of lightweight composites and alloys are discussed. Also discussed a low temperature electrochemical intensified modular production of lightweight metals achieving energy-efficient processing by reducing process steps and developing alternate production pathways.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Ramana Reddy is an ACIPCO Endowed Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. He served as the Head of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Associate Director of Center for Green Manufacturing at The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. He was a visiting professor at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley; Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; and Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago and Renewable National Energy Laboratory, Golden USA. He was appointed as the University of Alabama Coordinator for the National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) and NASA, and served as Council Member for the Alabama State Committee for Department of Defense-EPSCoR programs.

Professor Reddy’s teaching and research experience are in the field of chemical and materials engineering, particular in the areas of thermodynamics, materials synthesis, energy materials, fuel cells, ionic liquids and renewable energy. He has published over 434 research papers and 27 books, including an undergraduate textbook on thermodynamics. He has also delivered more than 305 invited lectures and research presentations in 26 nations. Dr. Reddy advised and mentored over 116 graduate students, worked with postdoctoral and research associates. He is the recipient of 5 USA patents.

Dr. Reddy is an Associate Editor of several national and international journals. He has received several awards such as the Service Award and the Best Research Paper Awards from several Materials Societies. He is the recipient of the TMS Extraction & Processing Distinguished Lecture Award, and the Milton E. Wadsworth Award for Extractive Metallurgy of SME, ATA Award for Excellence in Engineering, Henry Krumb Lecturer of SME. He is the recipient of the EPD-TMS Science Award, LMD-TMS Energy committee Energy Paper Award, TMS Distinguished Service Award, Distinguished Alumni Professional Achievement Award, NITW, TMS Educator Award, SEC Faculty Achievement award, AIME Mineral Industry Education Award and Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award, University of Alabama, USA.

Dr. Reddy was honored with Professor Ramana Reddy Honorary symposium on applications of Process Engineering Principles in Materials Processing, Energy, and Environmental Technologies, TMS.
Dr. Reddy is a Distinguished Member (Fellow) of SME, a Fellow of ASM International and a Fellow of TMS.

Prior Kreidl Lecturers

William D. Kingery, University of Arizona

Delbert E. Day, University of Missouri – Rolla
Arthur H. Heuer, Case Western Reserve University
Don L. Kendall, University of New Mexico
David A. Payne, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
Joseph H. Simmons, University of Florida
Robert E. Newnham, Penn State University
Anthony F. Giamei, United Technologies Research Center
Gary Messing, Penn State University
Anthony G. Evans, Princeton University
Zhigang Suo, Princeton University
Nathan S. Lewis, California Institute of Technology
Subra Suresh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert O. Ritchie, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
David R. Clarke, University of California at Santa Barbara
Steve Brueck, University of New Mexico
John Parise, SUNY Stony Brook
Kurt Sickafus, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Richard LeSar, Iowa State University
Uzi Landman, Georgia Institute of Technology
Carlo Pantano, Penn State University
Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology
Diana Farkas, Virginia Tech
Michael J. Cima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ray Baughman, University of Texas at Dallas
Carol Handwerker, Purdue University
Paul S. Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles
Mark C. Hersam, Northwestern University

2020, 2021 Cancelled due to Covid-19

Rajendra K. Bordia, Clemson University