Inhibition study of iron and nitrogen active sites in Fe-N-C electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction

Yechuan Chen, Katertyna Artyushkova, Tristan Asset, Ivana Matanovic, Plamen Atanassov

University of New Mexico

With the expansion of fuel cell market in recent years, research of platinum-group-metal (PGM) free electrocatalyst has attracted numerous interests since Pt is expensive and doesn’t have enough abundance. Iron-nitrogen-carbon (Fe-N-C) material is one of the most promising candidates to be used for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in cathode. Previous reports indicate that assorted iron and nitrogen active sites are involved in ORR catalysis behaving in different mechanism. Though many researches have been performed on inhibition of iron active sites for Fe-N-C material in recent years, it is still unclear how nitrogen active sites could be inhibited or poisoned. Here we report two chemicals to be investigated for inhibiting different nitrogen active sites and how they influence the performance of Fe-N-C electrocatalyst in ORR.