Analytical modelling of propagation velocity in nanolaminates, in non-stoichiometric, shock impacted, and electron transparency

Michael Abere, David P. Adams

Sandia National Laboratories

The ignition of sputter deposited bimetallic nanolaminate films results in rapid, self-propagating reactions. Analytical models of the measured propagation velocities have been typically performed using a framework developed by Mann et al. (J. Appl. Phys. 1997). This work seeks to expand upon this model to handle bimetal systems such as Al/Pt in which the lateral and transverse thermal conductivity are highly anisotropic. A thermal circuit model is thus employed that is shown to hold for both equimolar and non-stoichiometric compositions of Al/Pt. Furthermore, this work utilizes cross-sectional scanning transmission electron microscope energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy data to calculate the Fourier coefficients in the Mann et al. model from the physical composition profile in the intermixed region. The same framework can also be applied to shock impacted Ni/Al and electron transparent Co/Al to quantify systems with perturbations from the initial model assumptions.

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