Copper Content of Additively Manufactured Alloys and Reference Steels by ICP-MS and LIBS Analysis

Amber Telles, Curtis Mowry, Jay Carrol

Sandia National Laboratories

Copper content is an important element in metal performance and is therefore important for quality control and the differentiation of various steel alloys. The concentration of copper present in alloys made by additive manufacturing may play a role in materials reliability for the future. This poster will look at the measurement of copper in different steel reference materials and additively manufactured alloys by ICP-MS (induced coupled plasma mass spectrometry) and LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analysis. In this study we assess the concentrations of copper in alloys including 17-4, 304, 316 and Hiperco steel. A comparison of the data from the ICP-MS and the LIBS will be used to determine if LIBS, a faster and less destructive method, could be a good tool for quality control of additive manufactured components.

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